Our cottages are designed for independent living accommodation on shared property.  They make great bed and breakfast/farm stay accommodation.

Our cottages can be simple studio apartments where the living area is shared with the bedroom through to a two or even three bedroom cottage. All of our cottages include a full kitchen.  Therefore they include a pantry, microwave shelf, cooktop and sink with a breakfast bar to be fully functional to your needs, we can even install a wall oven.  All your requirements can be catered for with a custom build.

Bathrooms rather than ensuites are installed to allow visitors to be comfortable without having to intrude into your bedroom privacy.  All of our bathrooms are fully waterproofed before tiling and the shower area is fully tiled allowing for a walk in shower to be installed.

Floor coverings in our cottages are generally a mixture of tiles, carpet and vinyl planks.  This ensures the finish of your cottage is to a high level of quality and comfort.

Cladding for our cottages is generally timber or fibre cement board to give that cottage feel, but not limited to these choices.

Our portable cottages are generally wider than 3.5m and therefore require a pilot escort.   Even though it does increase the transport cost, most times transport is only 2 to 3% of the cost of your cabin, and the extra comfort you receive is great value for money.