Our weekenders at Portable Buildings Brisbane are designed to be able to be left for periods of time without any worries in the world.  Further to this, they are well suited to be set up anywhere on your block without having to worry about power poles or water.

We are able to have our weekenders set up to run off solar power and battery back up for those cloudy days or with a small generator as the primary source of energy or as a back up to your solar power system.  Also a water tank can simply be added to catch and store water to make your weekender totally independent.

You can take your independence a step further and have your portable weekender set up with a 12 volt power system removing the need to have power inverters.  Your power system will be more efficient for less capital outlay. You would be surprised how far 12v technology has come and what home appliances can now be purchased as a 12v unit.

Additionally, your weekender can be set up to operate on lpg to further help in your independence.  This can take you off the grid and allow you to locate your weekender in the best location on your block rather than closest to the nearest power supply.

Portable Buildings Brisbane have been able to supply large decks to go with your weekender so that your time there can be spent more outside rather than inside. Our decks are made from sustainable Merbau that is stained for longer life, and with a steel base they are ideal for any conditions that the outdoors can produce.

Our manufacturing standards and installation are well suited to weekenders that are not frequently used or used on a daily basis. The last thing you need after arriving for your relaxing break is to find that you have maintenance to undertake or there is a break down that needs to be fixed.