Portable buildings Brisbane has expanded our manufacturing profile and have now included both portable cold rooms and portable freezers into our capability. We have been manufacturing cold rooms since 2018.

We have two models available in both the cold room and freezer line, these are based on the products they are to store, FIFO  (first in first out) product, these cold rooms and freezers are 4.3m wide and vary in lengths from 6m up to 9m, depending on the pallet capacity required ( 9 to 15 pallets ). LIFO (last in first out), these cold rooms are nominally 3m wide and vary in length from 6m up to 9m. The main difference being in the FIFO models there is a nominal space between the rows of pallets of 1.6m to allow individual access to each pallet to allow for quick, easy product management without having to spend time juggling pallets in and out of the unit. This is unique in comparison to containers and other units that are available.

All of our units are sealed and are waterproof to allow for them to be located outside, maximizing your covered space for other benifits.

Our cold rooms are manufactured with a steel base with rails, so that they can be loaded with a tilt tray with no crane requirements.

We have underfloor insulation that varies in thickness depending on its application. Steel plate is used to reinforce the floor for those instances requiring heavy pallet loads, so you can be confident that you will not cause damage with your day to day use.

All of our units have an internal height of 2.4m.

All of our units have an aluminum checker plate lined floor for ease of cleaning and to improve sanitary conditions. We also install a checker plate skirt, that is designed to prevent damage to the insulated panel by pallets being pushed up against the side walls.

If you are in the market for portable cold rooms or freezers, give us a call and talk to us about your requirements, we will be able to meet your needs in a timely and cost effective way.